Volcano Lab

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Volcano Construction Lab
1. You will be constructing three Volcano Models as shown in your 22.6: Volcanoes notes.
2. You need two different colors of clay: one to represent cinders (outer part) & one to represent
3. Using your book, the volcano notes, and the information below, construct each type of volcano
with the clay.
Shield Volcano
Made of Quiet Lava
Large areas covered
Base of 2o and summit of 10o
Gently sloping dome
Largest (by area covered) and flattest
Cinder Cone Volcano:
Loosely arranged
Not very high
Overall slope of 30-40o
Made of cinders, ash, and dust
Smallest and steepest
Composite Volcanoes
Made of alternate layers of cinders and lava
Base of 5o and summit of 30o
Tallest of all volcanoes (medium-sized base)
Analysis Questions
1. Different types of volcanic eruptions form different types of volcanoes. Complete the chart
Type of
Type of Volcano (Shield,
Cinder, Composite)
Type of Plate Boundary
(Divergent, convergent, hot
spots, mid-ocean ridge?)
Magma Type (Low or
High Viscosity AND Low
or High Silica)
2. Draw a diagram showing the similarities and differences between the three types of volcanoes.
Cinder Cone
3. What is the general cause of volcanoes?
4. What is the ring of fire (pg. 693) AND what type of plate boundary causes the Ring of Fire?
5. Are the Ring of Fire volcanoes likely to be shield volcanoes or composite volcanoes? WHY?
6. What caused the Hawaiian Islands? Explain in detail!!
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