Volcano questions

Geography 10
The Four Principal Types of Volcanoes
Please answer all questions in complete sentences. Type your responses into a word
1. List the 4 major types of volcanoes.
2. How many vents does a Cinder cone volcano have?
3. How are Cinder cone volcanoes built?
4. Where are Cinder cone volcanoes mostly found?
5. What are the 3 steps that occur when a Cinder cone volcano is being formed?
6. What town did the Parícutin, Mexico, volcano demolish?
7. How high, in feet, did the Parícutin Volcano rise?
8. What is another term for ‘Composite volcano’?
9. Composite cones can rise up to how many feet?
10. Name three of the most famous composite cone volcanoes.
11. By looking at the photos, what is the major difference between the Cinder and
Composite cone volcanoes?
12. What happens when a Composite cone volcano becomes dormant?
13. What is Crater Lake? How was it created?
14. What are Shield volcanoes built mostly out of?
15. How tall and wide do some Shield volcanoes grow?
16. What are two of the world’s most active volcanoes?
17. What is the world’s largest ACTIVE volcano?
18. How are lava domes created?
19. List two examples of Lava domes.
20. How many people were killed by Mont Pelee in 1902?
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