Chapter 2 Test Review


Chapter 2 Test Review

S T U D Y ! !


• What landform develops when a river deposits sediment as it flows into the ocean?


What instrument measures the relative strength of an earthquake?

• seismograph

What term is used to identify a windblown sediment of silt and clay?

• loess

What rocky feature might a receding glacier leave behind?



• What term names the location on the earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake?


What name is given to the area where most of the world’s active volcanoes exist?

Ring of Fire

• What force causes rock to change into a new substance?

chemical weathering

• What is the solid rock portion of the earth’s surface called?


• What instrument measures the relative strength of an earthquake?

Richter Scale

Reading and Interpreting a Chart

Reading and Interpreting a Chart

• Which state in the US has the shortest volcano?

Washington (Mt. St. Helens)

• What is the location of the volcano that had the largest eruption which killed the most people in the

19th century?


Which two volcanoes released sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere?

El Chichon and Mount Pinatubo

Short Response

• How do the movements of tectonic plates affect geography and topography?

(volcanoes, plate boundaries, fault lines, continental drift)

What is the hydrologic cycle, and what are the potential effects of acid rain in this cycle?