Bell Ringer

Bell Ringer
Where are volcanoes
• I can describe different types of volcanoes.
• Volcanoes form on
– Land
– Ocean
• Where are most volcanoes located?
• Ring of Fire
• What is an eruption?
• An eruption is an outpouring of of melted
rock, ash, gases, or a combination of
• How are lava and magma different?
• Magma is inside the Earth,
• Once magma reaches Earth’s surface,
then it is called lava. (263)
• What types of volcanoes are there? How
are they different?
• Shield
– Built by
• Thinner, fluid lava that spreads over a large area.
• The mountains have abroad base and gentle
sloping sides.
• Look at the picture
Shield volcano
• Cinder cone volcano—
– Thick lava
– Thrown high into the air and falls as chunks or
– Form a cone shape
• Narrow base
• Steep sides
• Look at the picture
Cinder cone volcano
• Composite volcano
– Built by layers of ash and cinders sandwiched
between layers of hardened lava
– Shape on side of a cone looks the same as
the other.
Composite volcano
• Recap--- I forgot you tell me….
• Homework
• Quick check questions (yes both of them)
• Page 246, 253,255, and 256
• Also, Art Link at the bottom of 257
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