Christianity Belief & Science Higher Revision Notes

Christianity Belief & Science Higher Revision Notes
Area 1
Sources Of Human Understanding
Revelation/Scientific Enquiry
 Is the way in which God reveals himself to people
 God does this through scripture-reveals his nature and will in
the Bible
 T is very different from scientific method as it is coming from
a higher source
 Christians believe it to be infallible, which makes it hugely
 God may also reveal himself through people-so revelation
can be found through the lives and experiences of people
who have had spiritual experience
 Is the way in which God reveals his will for humanity and his
purpose for creation
 Some people may have had life changing experiences- and
go and tell others about the power of God and how he/she
can work in the lives of people who are open to this power.
 Christian people who have shown God’s Love through their
actions. For example MLK and Mother Theresa reveal God’s
will for humanity….love, care acceptance.
 Christians believe that God’s will for creation can be found in
the study of biblical scripture
 Revelation for Christians is about the search for truth and
meaning in the world.
 A large number of people claim to have had a revelation
of a power greater than themselves
 Examples of this experience are:
 A sense of mystery/feeling of awe
 Feeling overcome by beauty and wonder of nature
 Rudolf Otto describes these in his work The Idea Of The
Holy 1926
 Revelation gives answers to the meaning, value and
purpose of life
● Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein – “When all the scientific
questions are answered, the problem of life will still remain.” In
other words Revelation has a place and is important.
● Christian revelation has lasted the test of time and is
accepted by billions of humans.
● Effects of revelation on individuals is very strong. Peoples
lives have been transformed. E.g. Mother Teresa.
● there is independent evidence to prove that intercessionary
prayer works. Studies suggest that people who are prayed for
are more likely to recover!