I am learning:
• What revelation is.
I know I am successful if:
• I can explain all forms of
revelation with examples.
• Different types of revelation
• I can evaluate how
revelation has impacted
upon my life.
What is revelation?
• Revelation means to show us something we
did not know or see before.
• In Christianity revelation refers to the way in
which God reveals himself .
• Revelation does not only happen to saints or
‘holy people’.
• You are responsible for listening to God’s word
in order to see how God is revealing himself to
3 Types of Revelation:
• General
• Special
• Divine
• God reveals himself in ways that are beyond
our natural reason. This is divine revelation.
• We know divine intervention through
• Jesus revealed divine truths and these were
written down for us by the apostles.
• God inspired men to write down his
What is God’s purpose for you?
• You are special. Made in the image and
likeness of God. You are an individual.
• From divine revelation you can explore what
God’s purpose is for you.
• You have a responsibility to listen to His word
and to work out this message for yourself.
• General revelation is revelation that everyone
can experience. Can you think of some
Acts of Nature
Acts of Conscience
Acts of Morality
The work of
• Special revelation is where something is
revealed to an individual person or select
group. Think back to 1st year and primary RE.
Can you name some people who have
experienced this and how they experienced it?
Examples of how:
• Worship
• Visions/ dreams
• Miracles
How would I feel?
Revelation and me…
Choose a focus
Choose a witness
Explain their story
Reflect on your choice
Evaluate how their experience has made an
impact on your life.