Math Module II Review

Chapter 3
Our Social
of the Family
Work for justice on the most
immediate level
What is subsidiarity?
A group of persons bound
together in a way that goes
beyond each of them.
What is society?
we cannot survive infancy
without it?
What is the family?
each society is different
according to its _____?
What is purpose?
All have this in common?
What is the human person?
Special consideration for the least
in our midst
What is option for the poor?
Involves respect for persons,
well-being, and peace.
What is community?
Church favors _________ that
promote common good by
respecting human rights and
promote freedom
What are governments?
justice is impossible without it
What is respect?
virtue of social charity .
What is solidarity?
Written on the human heart and
discovered by human
What is Natural Law?
We discover our humanity by
association with others
What is community?
The precepts of the natural law
are unchangeable, permanent,
and ? , that is, applying to all
persons, in every society, for all
Who is universal?
The primary source of the
Church’s social teaching comes
from divine revelation. We find
divine revelation in ?.
What is Natural law or Scripture?
Natural law is the foundation
for it
What is civil law?
Society is only as strong as this?
What is families?
The primary right to educate
children rests with _______?
Who are the parents?
The foundational social group.
What is the family?
. He said “Society and
government have a duty to honor
and assist the family and to
guarantee basic rights “
Who is John Paul II?
It must be protected absolutely.
What is human life?
Good common sense
What is prudence?
The most important virtue
What is charity?
Moderation in all things.
What is temperance?
Strength to choose good
What is fortitude?
Fr. Walter Ciszek belonged to this
order of priests.
What are
the Jesuits.