Assignment 7: Due Date

Assignment 7:
Due Date: May 16th
Focus: “In and Behind the Text”
Objective: To apply a specific method of interpretation to a selected text from
Revelation – Part 1.
In this and the next assignment, you will be practicing the “Interpretive Journey” as
presented in Grasping God’s Word (pp. 19 -27 in the 2nd ed. and 39-49 in the 3rd ed.).
For part 1 of this assignment, you should complete the following steps:
Read the text: Revelation 2:12-17or 2:18-29 or 3:14-22
Photocopy the text and make observations in the text (For examples, see pp.
55-56 in the 2nd ed. and pp. 79-80 in the 3rd ed.).
Complete Step 1 – “Grasp Revelation 2:12-17or 2:18-29 or 3:14-22 in Their
Town” (p. 22 in 2nd ed. and p. 42 in 3rd ed.)
Complete Step 2 – “Measure the Width of the River to Cross” (pp. 22-23 in 2nd
ed. and pp. 42-43 in 3rd ed.)
*** When you turn in your assignment, please turn in a photocopy of your work as
you will need the original to complete the assignment for the coming week.