PeopleSoft HRMS Communication and Training Plan

PeopleSoft HRMS Training and Communication Plan
Training will be targeted to the UA and regional campus central office users. Due to our
e-docs and payroll vouchers, departmental users will not see any changes to their work
environments. The focus of the training will be on navigating PeopleSoft version 9.0 as
well as understanding any changes in functionality pertinent to central office personnel.
For example, the tax pages are changing slightly so anyone who enters W4s into the
payroll system will be trained on the proper way of doing so in the new version. The size
of the audience to be trained is approximately 31 Payroll users and approximately 35-40
University Human Resource (UHRS) and Academic Human Resource (HR) users.
The training plan follows:
On an ongoing basis, each area previews the navigation changes with the regional
campus HRMS users.
Formal training will consist of three training sessions which will be offered during
the week of Jan 14th-18th or 22nd –25th, 2008.
Each session will cover changes to the PeopleSoft client in the following areas:
Payroll, UHRS and Academic HR.
One training session will be held in Bloomington and one will be held at IUPUI.
UA payroll users and regional campus users will be able to attend either session.
The third session will be held via a “Breeze” web conference and will be available
to all central office users whether they have already attended training or not.
o The web conference will be broken into 3 separate sessions, one for each
HRMS area: Payroll, UHRS and Academic HR.
o These sessions will be taped so that users will be able to review the taped
sessions as a refresher or as a reference after the upgrade.
Follow-up training will be provided by each area as needed. For example, Payroll will
host at least two follow-up Q&A web conferences. One will be held 2-3 days after the
upgrade and another will be held approximately 2 weeks after the upgrade, depending on
the questions that come up.
Communication will be targeted to several audiences at different times depending on
when the information is available. In addition to targeted communications, each HRMS
area will have monthly communications with their regional campus users. These sessions
will be primarily via web conference and will consist of presenting information as it
becomes available and Q&A. The audiences for the targeted communications are:
Deans, Directors and Chairs
UA and Regional Campus HRMS Users
Departmental E-doc and Payroll Processors
Departments with Systems Affected by the Upgrade
IUIE Users
All Employees
Timeline and content of targeted communications follows:
09/07 VPs
Notice of PeopleSoft upgrade
Dates of PeopleSoft downtime
Notice of communication going out to Deans, Directors & Chairs on 9/25
09/07 Deans, Directors and Chairs
 Notice of PeopleSoft upgrade
 Dates of PeopleSoft downtime
 Communication and training plan
10/07 UA and Regional Campus HRMS Users
 Information regarding upgrade start date
 System downtime
 Notification of systems impacted by downtime
 Training information, including dates
11/07 Departments with Systems Affected by Upgrade
 Systems impacted by downtime
 Impact of upgrade on their systems
 This notice will go to departmental technical personnel
 Notification will be by A. Neal
12/07 Departmental HRMS Users
 Information regarding upgrade start date
 System downtime
 Payroll calendar changes
 E-doc availability
 Self service availability
 Payroll view available to Payroll system managers during downtime
 Dates checks are available to view for:
Bi weekly pay date Feb 22, 2008
Monthly pay date Feb 29, 2008
12/07 UA and Regional Campus HRMS Users
 Same as above
 Training information, including dates
01/08 UA and Regional Campus HRMS Users
Departmental HRMS Users
 Same information as 12/07
01/08 IUIE Users
 Information regarding availability of IUIE during downtime
 This email will go to:
IUIE list-serv
Campus and departmental HRMS users
FIS list-serv
01/08 All Employees
 Will go out in late Jan
 There will be two means of communication:
All employee email
The Informed Employee
 Information covered will include:
Notification of system downtime due to upgrade
Availability of self service
Check viewing availability
Notification to contact their campus Payroll office
if they need check information during the system downtime
Changes to self service
01/08 OneStart Notification
 Information regarding upgrade either upon logging in (or under self
Prior to upgrade, notice of downtime
During upgrade, information about coming enhancements
Post upgrade, information about enhancements