CPTE433Q14 Key

CPTE 433 Quiz 14 – Chapter 20
Name __________________________________
1. What reason do you give your users for tolerating a maintenance window?
Better business
2. If you are running a retailer’s Web site, what is the ultimate cost of downtime?
Customers who aren’t coming back
3. According to the Patterson paper on downtime, what is the single cause for the majority of
Operator error
4. You have prepared a post-mortem report on a maintenance window, complete with numbers
showing exactly what took how long to do. When should you pull that report out of the file and
look at it?
When you are planning the next time
5. Where does the Flight Director derive his/her authority at first?
“Legitimate” – from the formal structure
6. Where does the Flight Director derive his/her authority after several events?
Peer trust
7. You’re going to need an Ethernet cable to connect box A to box B during a maintenance event.
But you can’t test it out ahead of time. What three characteristics of the cable should you verify
to be fairly sure it will work?
a. __Long enough___
b. __Right connectors__
c. __Cat-number __
8. What additional characteristic (not required for Ethernet) would you check if the cable was
fiber? Shine a light through it