Climate, Soil and Vegetation Quiz Review

Unit 3 Quiz #2 Review
Climate, Soils, Vegetation
Check off each item as you complete in on your study sheet!
1) Weather verses climate
2) Factors affecting climate (LOWERN). Understand the terms and
associated diagrams.
3) Continental verse Maritime climates
4) 3 types of precipitation. Understand them and there associated diagrams.
5) Know the 8 climate zones of Canada, common forms of precipitation in
each, continental or maritime, and what is our climate zone?
6) Climate Graphs, know how to read and interpret them, properly construct
one, and how to calculate average annual temp, annual temp. range, total
annual precipitation and be able to determine seasonal distribution of
precipitation. (Remember pencil crayons, rulers, and calculators for
the test)
7) Using a diagram, show how a mountains create very wet and dry areas.
8) Define leaching and calcification
9) What are the 4 elements of soil?
10) Define Tree line, permafrost, transition zone, coniferous and deciduous
11) Know the vegetation regions and typical vegetation found within each.