Hydrological Cycle and River System Glossary

Hydrological Cycle and River System
Evaporation – water turning from a liquid into a gas (water vapour).
Evapotranspiration – the sum of evaporation from the Earth’s surface together
with the transpiration of plants.
Groundwater flow – movement of water underground.
Hydrological cycle – the cycle of water between air, land and sea.
Infiltration – water seeping into the soil.
Input – water entering the system through precipitation.
Interception – collection of water by vegetation.
Precipitation – moisture that falls from the atmosphere in any form.
Stores – water stored in lakes, rocks, soil or vegetation.
Surface runoff – all water flowing on the Earth’s surface.
Sustainable – capable of existing into the long term.
Through-flow – movement of water through the soil.
Transfers – processes that move water through the system.
Transpiration – loss of moisture from plants.
Water table – the upper level of underground water