As you know the club`s AGM was held on 11th October 2015

As you would be aware the club's AGM was held on 11th October 2015.
Voting for the positions on the Board was conducted on the 3 days prior to the AGM.
The results of which were announced at the AGM.
Several days later a request was lodged for a recount on the basis that the Returning
Officer had erred in the ballot interpretation.
The matter was referred to the Board of Directors who discussed it at their monthly
meeting on 28th October 2015.
It appeared that the Returning Officer had misinterpreted the Constitution where it
states that the ballot shall be "first past the post" and in doing so had only applied one
vote for all positions. This had no bearing on the ballot for President and Treasurer as
there were only two persons contesting each position. However, there were five
contestants for Vice President and eleven for Director (eight after those standing being
elected to a higher position).
Consequently, the Board ordered a recount for the positions of Vice President and
Director which was conducted by the club auditors on Monday evening, 2nd November
The subsequent changes to the composition of the Board from the recount were that
Mr Robert Roach was elevated to the position of Jnr Vice President at the expense of
Mrs Shirley Rundell and Mr John Mendola reinstated to the Board as a Director, again
at the expense of Mrs Shirley Rundell.
The primary reconfiguration of the Board was that Mr Rutherford, Mr Hill and
Mr Nimmo were elected to the Board for the first time.
Mr Carlson retired after 7 years representation, Mrs Rundell, 16 years representation
and Ms Folkard, 10 years representation were not re-elected.
Subsequent legal advice was sought and received to the effect that the recount should
be declared and it would not be necessary to conduct a new ballot.
This notice will suffice as adequate notification to the members.
The recounted ballot papers will now be retained in my possession for the period of
one month from this date and then be destroyed.
Derek Ohlston
Chief Executive Officer
12th November 2015