Letters Home Assignment

Letters Home Assignment
In Killer Angels, Shaara allows us to imagine events at Gettysburg through the eyes of different officers,
and your job in this assignment will be to take this one step further. Choose a character from whose
perspective to write 3 letters home. Your letters should recount events from the novel for an officer’s
loved ones. Consider what “version” of events would be sent home. What would be played up? What
would be omitted? Due Monday, January 27 at the beginning of the period
For full points, this project will:
 include 3 letters from your officer to their loved ones
 be ten total paragraphs (broken up as you choose) and in the format of a personal letter
 include an interesting retelling of events from the novel
 show evidence that the writer understands what “version” of events the character might share
with his family
 be turned in on time, in pen or typed with no cross outs or spelling/grammatical errors
 include a neat, attractive cover sheet with a title, your name, and the class period
 include this handout, with the brainstorming section finished
Brainstorming Worksheet
Character Name:
List at least three personality
traits for your character.
Which specific loved ones of this
character are mentioned in the
Which events could you recount
from this officer’s perspective?
List page numbers to help you
find textual evidence.
What extra details could you
invent to make the letter more