CorporateStock Project

Management - Corporate Stock Project
Individually, or with one partner, research one of the companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ
and create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting their financial information. You can use or any other stock research website. You will need to include the
following information in your presentation:
Company Profile-what do they do & in what industry?
Company Headquarters? Global/domestic? Company Executives: list names and titles
Current stock price (list time and date of price given-do this at the end so it is current)
Exchange listed on: NYSE or NASDAQ / Index listed: S & P and/or Dow
52-week low and high
2 Charts of stock price (1 chart over 1 year and 1 more either last month, 2 years, max, etc)
Market Capitalization
Shares Outstanding
Dividend (one may not exist, if so, still cite it as ‘no dividend’)
Major holders (individuals and mutual funds)
Recent or past splits
Company’s fiscal year
2008 earnings (list revenue and net income and cite which was their best quarter)
Recent company news (mergers, acquisitions, new products, earnings reports, etc.)
Average Volume (state average & over what period of time)
List one broker to purchase shares from (list commission, minimum balance & other
Your recommendation-buy or sell? Why?
Discuss and explain the significance of the above numbers that you present. Do not just say the
number, also say what they mean! Examine other company’s financial figures, research financial
terms in the glossary and ask questions to help understand what the figures represent.
For additional points, include more financial information, charts and statistics about the company.
For creativity and appearance, develop unique, attractive slides for your presentation.
Create a minimum of 10 slides for your presentation (some of the bulleted information can be
combined and included on the same slide), including a title slide with your name and the name of
the company you are researching. Print slides as handouts 6 per page and attach this sheet for
Grading Criteria
Required Slides
_______/10 (-2 for slides not printed handouts)
Knowledge & Information
_______/10 (-1 for no rubric)
Creativity & Appearance