Date - Arts Council England

Regional Council
Thursday 18 September 2008
11:00 – 3:00
Fistral meeting room, Arts Council England, South West, Senate
Court, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter
Prof. Andrew Brewerton (Chair), Tim Brinkman, Cllr Robert Chapman,
Michelle Farmer, Mary La Trobe-Bateman, Pippa Warin
Chris Humphrey, Interim Executive Director
Caroline Arbon, Head of Communications
Paul George, Head of Finance and Business Support
Paul Goddard, Head of Performing Arts
Simon Jutton, Head of Development
Ruth Hecht , Officer, Diversity and Inclusion (afternoon presentation)
Tracy Samy, Executive Assistant
Cllr Doris Ansari, Olelakan Babalola, Sir Chris Clarke, Cllr Stephen
Friar, Cllr Klara Sudbury, Hilary Garnham
Section heading
1 Welcome, introduction and apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr Doris Ansari, Olalekan
Babalola, Sir Chris Clarke, Cllr Stephen Friar, Cllr Klara
Sudbury and Hilary Garnham.
2 Minutes and matters arising from the
previous meeting held Tuesday 10 June
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
Matters arising:
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The Chair welcomed Chris Humphrey in his new role as
Interim Executive Director as of 1 September 2008.
The Interim Executive Director updated Council on the
process of recruiting new members and the selection
panel that was to take place after the meeting. He also
asked them to note an Induction/Planning day to take
place on Wednesday 22 October.
Both the Chair and the Interim Executive Director
thanked those members whose term had ended for their
support and highlighted those members who have been
reappointed for a further term, subject to confirmation by
our National Council. They are Sir Chris Clarke, Tim
Brinkman, Cllr Klara Sudbury and Olelakan Babalola.
3 Declarations of interest
Members made the following declarations of interest.
Tim Brinkman: Employee, Hall for Cornwall, Board
member of Creative Kernow, Board member of Compass
Theatre Company.
Cllr Robert Chapman: Bournemouth Borough Council
(in negotiation with Dance South West)
Michelle Farmer: Bristol City Council, Trustee of Artists
Mary La Trobe-Bateman: Stroud International Textiles
Pippa Warin: An adviser for Regional Council, Devon
Arts in Schools (DAISI), Employee of Culture South
West, Trustee of Centre for Contemporary Art in the
Natural World. Member of national ACE project team for
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4 RFO Radar
5 McIntosh report and the Creative
Economy paper from NO
The Interim Executive Director explained the rationale for
the paper and that a number of organisations had been
consulted in it’s preparation. Council were asked for
comments in terms of its implication and their response
to the conclusions reached by our national Chief
Council welcomed the McMaster Review as an astute
and useful outline which laid the background for much of
the Organisation Review.
The Creative Economy paper was welcomed as
providing a national context for our investment in this
area which is one of the regions priorities. Further
discussion around the detail of delivering the work in our
region will be part of the induction session on 22 October.
6 Organisation Review
Regional Council were asked to consider the paper and
comment where appropriate. The Interim Executive
Director explained the terms of reference of the review
and highlighted the areas that the review will consider. It
was agreed to spend part of the Induction/Planning day
on 22 October looking at the Review in more detail and
again at the November Council meeting.
7 Regional Disability Equality Action Plan
Council were asked to ratify the Regional Disability
Equality Action Plan (DEAP). Head of Development
highlighted that Head of Equalities at National Office had
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previously approved the Plan. He explained that it had
been developed through a process of dialogue with
outside agencies.
Council agreed the DEAP and welcomed the paper as
being focused. Members highlighted that these were
complex issues involving awareness and cultural change.
Nominations were invited for a ‘Diversity Champion’ from
Council as set out in the plan. Michelle Farmer indicated
that, in principle, she would be interested in being
considered for this role subject to further discussions.
Date of Next Meeting:
Friday 21 November,
ACESW offices, Exeter.
An induction session for new and existing Council
members will be held on 22 October from 11:00 to
3.00 at ACESW offices, Exeter.
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