Whole Doc - Wychavon District Council

Planning Committee - 27/03/2014
Major Application
Planning Ref:
Ward Councillor
Land adjacent to, Wyre Cllr Charles Tucker Cllr Approve - Outline
Road, Pershore
David Brotheridge Cllr
Mrs Val Wood Cllr Mrs
Elizabeth Tucker
Outline application for 5 hectares of employment land. New access for
pedestrians and cycles, car and car parking, sustainable drainage
measures including storage pond for surface water attenuation;
provisions of utilities, infrastructure and all ancillary works - as approved
under planning permission reference number W/11/00988/OU but
without compliance of condition number 22 (form of development).
Officer: Jonathan Edwards
Parish/Town Council: Multiple Parishes
Applicant: Crown House Developments
Consultation Responses
Wyre Piddle Parish Council
Original application was subject to intense debate and was only granted
exceptionally as it was essential for continuing prosperity of a local business.
Condition 22 was imposed as some form of control over type of development
provided. If removed will make a mockery of the original application.
SWDP allocation was subject to objection. Inspector has not commented on where
employment land allocations should be provided. To grant permission would be
Shows future growth is being decided by developers rather than through
consideration of the SWDP by Inspector.
Representations Received
Mike Oakley - concerns that the proposed development has commenced and that
this will invalidate the planning agreement.
Update Officer Appraisal
Since preparation of the agenda, further information has been submitted in response
to planning conditions attached to planning permission ref. no. W/11/00988. For
example, details of drainage proposals.
It seems likely that some of the conditions suggested on the agenda report are not
appropriately worded or will not be needed by the time the recommended new
permission is issued. As such, officers would ask for delegated powers to impose
the conditions considered necessary and reasonable at the time of issuing the
planning permission. Condition 18 as set out on the agenda report will not be
Additional Information/plans
Approval subject to:(i) the conditions as outlined on the agenda report and/or any conditions
deemed appropriate and necessary by the Head of Housing and Planning at
the time of issuing the planning permission; and
(ii) the completion of a deed of variation/new legal agreement requiring the
transfer of land to facilitate the construction of the link road on the same terms
as the existing agreement covering the site.
Also authority be granted to the Head of Housing and Planning Services to
refuse the planning application if the proposed deed of variation/legal
agreement is not completed within 24 weeks from the date of the receipt of the
application and no extension of time to determine the application beyond a
date 26 weeks from the start date has been agreed in writing between the
council and the applicant.