The Imagine Fund - Provost`s Imagine Fund for Arts and Humanities

The Imagine Fund
Application for Single Course Release Support Funds
A limited number of single course releases will be available to tenured or tenure-track
University of Minnesota faculty each year. Applicants must be appointed to an arts,
humanities, or design department.
The Imagine Fund Single Course Release Support Funds program provides funds to
buyout one course of teaching to enable a faculty member to complete a dynamic new or
ongoing project or activity related to the arts, humanities, or design. Imagine Fund course
release funding may not be combined with any other form of leave support such as a
single semester leave or fellowship.
Criteria for the single course release award are:
a) the intellectual/creative significance of the proposed research to the field;
b) the effect on raising the profile of the department or University or directly engaging
the public through the project; and
c) the impact on individual professional development
Interested faculty should complete the application below and send it and requested cv
attachment by email to Cheryl Yoes at [email protected]
1. Please describe (no longer than 1,500 words) your research or creative project that will
be undertaken during the period for which you are applying for a course release. Please
address how your project fulfills each of the criteria listed above.
2. Specifically explain how (1,500 words or less) you would use this single semester
course release to advance your research or creative project and discuss how your past
teaching and service support that advancement.
3. Please attach a copy of your latest curriculum vitae.
The Imagine Fund
Application for Single Course Release Support Funds
Campus mail address:
Email address:
Department and College or Campus:
Project title:
When would you prefer to use the course release?
Fall _________
Spring _________
Endorsement of chair:
Endorsement of dean (or chancellor)
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