12 Days of Revisions – Descriptive writing more

Revision Madness Diet #2.1
Bust that revision flab
The following revision tasks will help you
prepare for the Descriptive writing question
(Fri 8DayMay
PM). Day 5 – Writing:
1 – Writing:
Imagine the moment a
huge flock of birds flies
over a street.
Write 350 words
describing this in detail,
focus on sensory imagery.
Creating a vivid yet true
opening is key.
Write 30 different opening
sentences for a description
The Birds
Day 2 – Writing:
Imagine you and a group
of friends are on a
rollercoaster ride.
Write 350 words
describing the first few
minutes of the experience.
Day 6 - Writing:
It is sunset and you are
waiting for your friends,
who are late. Describe the
setting as the day moves
towards darkness.
Day 3 – Writing
Imagine you are watching
a predator attack its prey.
Write 350 words
describing this moment in
detail. Create a vivid
imagine of this short
Day 7 – Writing
Watch another person for a
short period time.
Describe in detail their
appearance, movements,
habits and mannerisms.
Create a clear picture of
this person in writing.
Day 4 – Writing
Imagine your family are
eating a meal together.
Someone knocks over a
drink and it spills across
the table. Describe the
setting before and after this
Day 8 - Writing:
Imagine you are eating a
meal at a friend’s house.
The food is truly vile.
Describe the scene as your
attempt to hide your
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