Water: Our most precious resource

Our most precious
By: Tyler Westphal
Life as we know it…
The world we live
in, our very existence,
relies on water.
Dead crops
Protect Earth… save water
 We must save water,
because without water,
Earth will die and so
will we.
 Our life depends on
water, so save it.
 Water is a huge part of
Imagine a world without water…
• What would be left… nothing
• How would we survive?
• We must save water, save earth
• It is our responsibility
You should save water…
Ways to save water
Take a shower
Instead of a bath.
Don’t let the sink
Run when brushing
Your teeth.
Do not over water
Your plants.
More ways to save water…
• Turn off water while putting soap on your
• If your waiting for your tap water to get
warm, catch the cold water in a bucket
and use it for your plants.
• Take shorter showers.
• Don’t use running water to defrost meat.
Thaw it over night instead.
Imagine what we could have if we
put a little effort into saving water…
Thank you
• Thank you for watching my presentation.
• Please consider trying some of the ways to
save water.
• Our life and the earth depends on it.