The Biography of Speaker

The Biography of Speaker
Overview: Often, readers know very little about the author that they read. Details of his
or her biography may be obscure or unknown. For example, very little is known for
certain about the life of Shakespeare – some even debate whether or not he was a single
person, or several people – and yet, hundreds, probably thousands, of biographies have
been written about him. Biographers have inferred information about his life.
Today; Imagine that four hundred years have passed. Probably, mutants now rule the
world, but that’s not important. Imagine that deep in a cave, a collection of YOUR
writings have been discovered. What would your future readers be able to tell about you
from your work?????
Review your writing from this semester, and write a short description of the person who
wrote them. What does this person care about? What type of mood are they most often
in? How old do they seem? Have they ever been in love? Do they fight?
Remember, this is not your life you’re writing about, but the life you might imagine for
the person who wrote your stories and poems….
Please, nothing about mutants….
Unless it’s really good…