20141109 Falcons poems War`s not a game

War’s not a game
War’s not a game.
Imagine the blood stained uniforms, dead men and rats.
A bead of sweat runs down my neck
For I fear a bomb or a bullet coming.
10 men are sprawled on the floor,
3 are my friends.
To think of those people at home who’s loved one
Will never come back.
War’s not a game.
Imagine the call of “Another one dead”
Each time we see or hear a weapon of some sort
Coming into the trench.
“Tommy, fire!” would be whispered
As we would wait to trigger a gun
Or throw a hand grenade.
Everyone has to be silent.
War’s not a game.
Imagine if war was a game,
No one would die.
If war was a game,
It wouldn’t be the nightmare it is.
By Lulu