Pulmonary Assist Device (PAD) Danny Baldo Jr., Horacio Michael

Pulmonary Assist Device (PAD)
Danny Baldo Jr., Horacio Michael Estabridis, Kelsey Fung, Anthony Pham, Liam Chung, Vinson Tran
Mentor: William Tang
In thoracic trauma cases, small diameter puncture wounds to the chest may lead to fatal conditions such as
exsanguinations and tension pneumothoracies. The Pulmonary Assist Device (PAD) is a kit used to evacuate
air from the wound site, relieving a collapsed lung. The catheter is inserted into the wound to evacuate air via
a battery-powered pump, restoring pressure balance and lung function. A balloon inside the device pushes
against the wound to stop the hemorrhaging. The PAD is fully functional for four hours and aims to treats a
larger amount of fatal chest wounds in combat compared to current standards.
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