Deconstructing a Scholarly article: 1.) What is the research problem

Deconstructing a Scholarly article:
1.) What is the research problem that is being investigated? What is the purpose of the
research being conducted?
2.) What is the research question?
3.) How many sources are used in the Introduction? List each one. Tell how many sentences
are written about each source.
4.) Outline the introduction (Divide the introduction into thematic groups with their own
subheadings—and include what information is provided about each source. The end of
your outline should point you to the research question and design—these need to be
included in your outline).
5.) What are two (or more) theories that discussed in the Introduction? How are they used
to motivate (or set up) the research question? Do the authors agree or disagree with these
6.) What previous research (not theories) have been conducted on this topic? How do these
previous studies relate to the current research question?
7.) Why is the proposed research the logical next step (that is—what rationale and
motivation) is there for this research? What hole in Psychological knowledge is this study
8.) How is the research question operationalized? (First, identify the abstract constructs
being studied. Next identify the concrete way these are being observed or measured. This
should include your IV and DV.)
9.) What is the research design? (I.e. between or within subjects, what type of statistical
tests were used, what were the levels of each variable)
10.) Describe the results (but not their broader implications). Were their results
significant? Which ones? Do these support or not support the hypothesis?
11.) Outline the discussion. (Divide the discussion into thematic groups with their own
subheadings. This should probably begin with a summary of the results, and the previous
sources. How are sources used in the general discussion? Summarize the sources used and
how they relate to the discussion and the research question.)
12.) What limitations are mentioned? Why are these limitations theoretically interesting?
13.) What future research is anticipated? Why is the future research theoretically
14.) What is the Eigenfactor of the journal that published this article? Is it high or low? Do
you think that the impact factor influences the quality of the article (or vise-versa)?
15.) How many times has this article been cited? Has it been cited inside of Psychology,
outside of Psychology or both?