Class 2 Curriculum Overview – Autumn Term

Autumn Y2 Curriculum Overview
In Literacy we will read and write stories with familiar settings such as at home, in the playground
and at the beach. You could look for stories starting with these settings in a library.
Maths will practise counting in groups (2s, 5s and 10s), looking at the order of numbers at least to
100 and we’ll practise our addition and subtraction, multiplication and sharing (division). too. You
could try estimating and measuring objects at home as we will be using rulers (centimetres) and
metre sticks to compare lengths, scales to compare weights (100g, 50g and 1000g) and containers to
compare amounts of liquids (litres and millilitres). Also, make sure you are keeping an eye on the
clock as we will be practising telling the hour, half hour, and quarter to past and to, as we get really
good. Don’t forget to look at our Calculation Policy on our website.
Forces and electricity will be the focus for this term in science.
Why not pop to the library again to see if you can pick up any information books about these
For the first half of the term in R.E you will be thinking about Jesus and what he taught. Let’s get
celebrating and looking forward to Christmas and Jesus as a gift from God. (Mrs Stevenson)
E-safety will be explored in the first half of the term in Computing.
onto programming until Christmas.
We’ll move
The work of Paul Klee will guide our exploration of colour and shape. His paintings will be
the inspiration for our paintings, collage and pastel artworks
In P.S.H.E. we will think about our community and how we ‘belong’ in different ways.
You will be transported back to 1666 to experience the Great fire of London – unfortunately no
TARDIS was available to take us there! We’ll find out the events leading up to the fire and how it
changed how we live, today. (Mrs Stevenson)
Barnaby Bear went back packing over the summer and we will be helping him write his postcards for
all the places he visited. Get your passports ready. (Mrs Stevenson)
We’ll get rhythmic in music and creative in dance, starting off with a cat dance! You will
continue with developing multiskills for a variety of team sports.
Parlez-vous francais? You definitely will be speaking French with weekly activities with Mrs Manning.
Greetings, colours, food and French culture will be explored.
In Design Technology we will be exploring structures, levers and mechanisms. Your challenge will be
to make a bulldog clip car! There will be lots of Christmas craft in preparation for the big event.
The main focus for Music will be pulse and beat with lots of opportunities to sing and perform with
instruments. (Mrs Shaw – our Music specialist)
Class 2 will treat their parents to a Community assembly before half term.