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Hard to believe December is here already!!
Where did November go? One highlight of the
month was our trip to the Living Arts Centre. The
students were great dancers and actors. Thank
you so much to our wonderful volunteers: Mrs.
Fontes, Mrs. Mavrakakis and Mrs. Missio. We
cannot do these trips without the great support of
our volunteers. In the new year we have a number
of trips happening, including: skating, swimming,
Peel Safety Village and Black Creek Pioneer Village.
Volunteers will be a must for these events to occur.
All volunteers need a recent police check to attend.
If you have not yet got yours, please write me a
note and I will send you the required documents.
Police checks only take 30 minutes at the police
station to get. Please get yours now.
Mrs. Moroney’s Class
St. Veronica School
Room 212
December 2013
Curriculum Corner
For the month of November, we will be studying the
Mathematics: Chapter 1 Patterning. Remember to
check the Nelson website: www.mathK8.nelson.com if
you require any information on the concepts taught.
We continue to work on problem solving using the
Problem Solving Model and mathematical language.
Language Arts: In reading, we will be looking at
character traits and connections. In writing, we will
continue to work on writing effective paragraphs, using
the hamburger model. Ask your child to describe how
an effective paragraph can be compared to a
hamburger. In media we will be examining
advertising, especially commercials and the techniques
Social Studies: Mapping
Science: Structures
Family Life: Unit 2 – Living in Relationships, which
looks at the family and friendships. Students will be
given a Family Project this week.
Religion: Advent and the true meaning of Christmas.
Problem Solving Model
Step 1 – Understand the Problem
Step 2 – Make a Plan
Step 3 – Carry out the Plan
Step 4 – Look Back at the Solution
Showing a little attitude in hip hop!
Success in Reading
Our guided reading groups are happening weekly
in the classroom. Every Thursday your child will be
bringing their leveled book home to read with you.
Please take the time to listen to your child read.
Fluency in reading is an important skill and to
achieve this, students need to attend to punctuation,
use expression and use cueing systems to read
unfamiliar words. It is also important to ensure that
your child is making sense of what they are reading
so ask comprehension questions and have them
identify story elements such as setting, characters,
problem/solution and beginning, middle and end.
Christmas Concert
Tuesday, December 17th at 6:30 pm
Students are asked to wear red tops and
Santa hats.
Important Dates
Virtue for December - Hope
December 9th – Advent Liturgy – 1 pm
December 16th-19th – Spirit Week – check our calendar
or the web-site for all events
December 17 – Christmas Concert
December 19th – Christmas holidays begin
January 6th – Back to School