Mandala Autobiography





It is a circular design that represents the mood and overall message of something or someone.

In your notes, create a T Chart.

◦ On one side, label it “Sign.” On the other label it

“Symbol.” Then under each, list qualities that define those things.

◦ How are they different? What do you notice?

Now, in partners, discuss: What does a circle symbolize?

Think about the objects in your life that are most important to you. What are they? Feel yourself holding them. How do they make you feel? Where did you get them? Why are they special?

5 minutes: Go! 

Thinking of your quickwrite, create your own mandala.

Look at and discuss Mrs. Ready’s example

This will guide your autobiography you write later.

Sample from Mrs. Ready’s example:

I. Introduction:

◦ Introduce myself using three words and give a breif background of upbringing.

II. Family

◦ Who they are

◦ Why they play such a big role in my life

III.Nature and fascination with weather

◦ How these things help define and form who I am

◦ Their importance to me


◦ My history and accomplishments

◦ Why it makes me happy

V. Dog

◦ Who she is and what she adds to my life

VI. My career as a teacher

◦ Why I am passionate about this profession

◦ What it gives me and what I hope to give back to it

VII. Conclusion

◦ What I have achieved and hope to still achieve in the future