PROM Permission Form - York Region District School Board

Alexander Mackenzie High School
PROM 2014
Parent/Guardian and Student Acknowledgement
Tickets cannot be purchased without a signed Acknowledgement form.
Participants at the 2014 Prom agree to:
 Not be under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol;
 Make myself known to the staff by way of photo ID upon entrance;
 Respect all those in attendance;
 Follow the instructions/rules/procedures of Alexander Mackenzie High School staff as well as
the YRDSB Safe and Supportive Schools Policy; and
 Leave the event and premises immediately if directed to do so by staff or York Regional Police
and forfeit any fees paid.
Be aware that:
 Doors open at 5:30 pm and close at 7:00 pm. No one will be admitted after that time.
 The Prom will end promptly at 11:00 pm. Students should have prearranged transportation for
prompt pickup.
 There are no in-out privileges. Once a participant leaves the function, they will not be
 This is a non-smoking event.
 AMHS staff will not be planning, supervising or participating in any activities occurring before or
after the Prom.
and have read the Overview of Prom Expectations.
Your signature below indicates your agreement to follow the expectations noted above and
outlined in the Overview of Prom Expectations. This form must be signed and returned
before a ticket can be purchased.
Name of Student (Print)
Signature of Student
Name of Parent/Guardian (Print)
Signature of Parent/Guardian
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