Ancient Egypt Study

Ancient Egypt Study-Guide
Use the word bank below to answer the questions.
Area of fertile land at the mouth of a river_____
person killed herself to avoid surrendering Egypt to the Romans _____
Group of traders traveling together_____
Belief in many gods_____
King, or ruler, of Egypt_____
This allowed historians to figure out Egyptian hieroglyphics_____
A. Cleopatra
B. delta
C. polytheism
D. caravan
E. Rosetta Stone
F. pharaohs
Lesson Essential Questions. You should be able to answer all of the following. They may be in the form of
short essay, multiple choice, or matching.
What is the geography of Egypt like? Why was the Nile River important to the Ancient Egyptians?
What was the afterlife? How did Ancient Egyptians prepare for it?
How would you describe the characteristics of Ancient Egyptian Society using SPRITE?
What is PLAN and how do we use it?
How were the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms alike and different?
Skills Based. Use the map on pg. 115, answer the following:
What two deserts protected Egypt from invaders?
What are the names of the three Egyptian capitals shown on the map?
What sea lies to the north of Lower Egypt?
Use the PLAN strategy on pg. 119, the 1st paragraph only! Make sure you complete each part of the PLAN
Multiple Choice. Circle the choice which best answers the question.
Why was the Nile River important to Egyptians?
A. trade
B. food
C. transportation
D. all choices
Who united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?
A. Cleopatra
B. Menes
C. Memphis
D. Pharaohs
How powerful were Egyptian pharaohs?
A. owned all land & water
B. were not gods
C. controlled the lives of Sumerians
D. depended on Nile
Why did the Egyptians build pyramids?
A. sacrifice to gods
B. places to bury dead rulers
C. artwork dedicated to pharaohs
D. place to mummify
What was the afterlife?
A. lived good life, happy
B. bad life, eaten by a monster C. kings were to be comfortable
Why did the Old Kingdom fall?
A. flooding
B. civil war
C. drought
D. all choices
D. taxes were too high
Match the definition with the term given.
Invaded Egypt during Middle Kingdom used chariots and armor_____
Picture writing _____
Belief in 1 god_____
Tall, pointed stone pillars near temples/villages_____
1st woman pharaoh_____
1st pharaoh to believe in monotheism_____
Roman leader who defeated the Persians_____
A. hieroglyphics
B. Ikhnaton
C. monotheistic
E. Hatshepsut
F. Hysksos
G. Alexander The Great
H. obelisks
Multiple Choice- Circle the answer which best completes the question or statement.
How did the old and new kingdoms differ or were different?
A. pharaohs were gods
B. only pharaohs lived forever
C. buried pharaohs in cliffs not pyramids
D. all of the above
Why were the Hyksos able to defeat the Egyptians?
A. used chariots and metal weapons
C. used the Nile River to drown Egyptian soldiers
B. tricked the Egyptians using magic
D. had more money, used to buy weapons
How did Ikhnaton change the Egyptian religion?
A.Took power away from priests
C.Sun god, now called Aton, was the only god
B.Closed temples of the other gods
D. all of the choices above