Temples, Tombs and Treasures.

Temples, Tombs and Treasures Oak class Y3 Autumn term 2015
Number/Calculation: Place value to 100 and ordering 3 digit numbers; Addition and subtraction
Living Things and their Habitats: Grouping
mentally counting up/back, using place value and number facts; choosing strategies; written column
living things; Explore and use classification keys;
Changing environments
Using the Internet for research
Shape/Space/Measure: identify and sort 2D and 3D shapes – triangles, prisms, pyramids; draw 2D
Rocks Compare and group different rocks; describe
Developing skills with PowerPoint
and make 3D shape; measure simple perimeter; identify and use right angles; identify
how fossils are formed; recognise soils composition.
perpendicular and parallel lines.
Creating webpages
Time: calculate simple time problems Money: add/subtract in context
Coding skills
Multiplications and Division: learn 3, 4 and 8 X tables; solve simple multiplication and division.
Fractions and Decimals; Recognise and write fractions; Use and count in tenths;
Data: interpret bar charts and pictograms
Non-Fiction - Information texts - Egyptians
Egyptian songs
Comparing Egyptian
Journey of life (Islamic)
instruments with modern
Poetry - Shape poems – Egyptians
How and why Christians celebrate Christmas
Author study – Michael Foreman- I’ll take you to Mrs Cole; Dinosaurs and all that rubbish.
Newspaper reports; Persuasive writing; Christmas Letters
Author study - Raymond Briggs
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
Egyptian cooking
Multi - skills
Construction of animal habitats
Christmas craft
In relation to Egypt:
History: Ancient Egypt
To locate Ancient Egypt in time and place; know that
history can be divided into periods; develop
understanding of chronology.
To understand importance of archaeology; make
inferences and deductions from artefacts and
pictures about life in the past;
To understand the importance of the Nile for life;
learn about aspects of life in Ancient Egypt; compare
with life today.
Template created by Michael Tidd 2013
Use maps, atlases, globes to
locate countries and
describe features;
understand geographical
similarities and
Creative arts
MFL: French
understand key aspects of
Developing drawing skills; use of mixed media to
To develop confidence in speaking and
physical and human
create Egyptian artefacts; hieroglyphic writing;
differences; describe and
geography; use geographical
terms with accuracy
listening, using correct pronunciation.
Develop familiar vocabulary and basic
language structure
Appreciate stories and songs