February 12, 2015 - Dublin Republican Club

Dublin Republican Club
Regular Membership Meeting – Thursday, February 12, 2015
6:30 PM @ Shades at Muirfield
Dublin, Ohio
Leadership Team Attendees: Charles McClenaghan, President, JD Kaplan, VP/ Co-Chair Communications
& Publicity, Stephanie Ramsey, Secretary, Stephen Maurice White, Co-Chair, Membership, Zacch
Ashcraft, Co-Chair, Membership, Dennis Damon, Co-Chair Events, Brandi Wielgopolski, Co-Chair Events,
Steve Brown, Parade Committee, Reagan Brown, & Madysen George, Student Republican Committee.
Total attendance was 53. Attendance roster on file.
After thirty minutes of informal conversation, the meeting was called to order by President Chas
McClenaghan at 7:00PM who noted that this is the 1st meeting of 2015. After greeting the full room of
attendees, Chas recognized the following attendees:
Members of the State Central Committee: Stephen Maurice White and Lisa Cooper
Zacch Ashcraft representing the Attorney General Mike DeWine
Stephen Maurice White representing Sen. Rob Portman
Angel Rhodes representing Governor John Kasich
Rep. Mike Duffy District Representative in the Ohio General Assembly
BUSINESS MEETING: Committee Reports
Membership/Recruitment: Zacch Ashcraft and Stephen White referenced the exciting and
important year to come with several important election campaigns kicking off. Both
encouraged membership in the DRC and participation in planned activities both social and
Events: Dennis Damon and Brandi Wielgopolski greeted the group and noted that Committee
was working hard on plans for meetings and special events. Dennis announced that regular
membership meetings are scheduled through the year on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 12 at 6:30PM at Shades at
Muirfield meeting room and will feature special guest, Senator Jim Hughes. He expressed
thanks on the part of the DRC to the managers of Shades for extending use of the meeting
room to our organization without charge. He also noted that attendees at this meeting have
filled the room!
Communications/Publicity: JD Kaplan reported that e-mail lists, Facebook and Twitter
followers have increased enormously over the last year. He noted that he is in need of e-mail
addresses on all members/interested parties to keep communications current.
Young Republican STARS Committee: Reagan Brown introduced the Young Republican STARS
which is based at the high school level with the goals of providing information and
involvement of young “soon to be” voters and becoming a big presence in the community.
She also presented a brief overview of plans for DRC participation as an entry in the Dublin St.
Paddy’s Day parade on March 14. Members were encouraged to “stay-tuned” to details and
encouraged to take part in the parade that is such a big event in the Dublin Community.
Chas introduced Judge David Tyack of the Franklin County Municipal Court and Judge Dan Hawkins, of
the Franklin County Environmental Court, each of whom gave a brief overview of their specific
jurisdictions, accomplishments and goals.
Judge Hawkins led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance and Judge Tyack offered the prayer
commencing the rest of the meeting.
President Chas McClenaghan introduced Auditor Mingo reviewing his history of service. He addressed
the attendees with his personal reflections on the issues and challenges that confront both the party
and the nation, especially as we face the approaching critical presidential election and suggested that
this, then, is a particularly good time to bring dialogue on them.
 Issue of race: The U.S.A. has faced deep controversy of raised issues after the events of
Ferguson Missouri and Brooklyn New York. The issue is difficult for both whites and non-white
and he suggested that these issues are more than matters of law but are “matters of the heart.”
Are we seeking fellow-ship with one another with both a better sense of forgiveness as well as a
realization of the inequities and discrimination that exists in our society? He suggested that
living with understanding on both sides leads to the progress of simple love and humanity
among peoples.
 Matters of U.S. Leadership abroad: The sites of crisis is global: Middle East, North Pacific
rim/North Korea, Russia/Ukraine, and Africa. Not since WWII have we faced such challenges. It
is the responsibility of the U.S. to be a leader in the world and must act internationally to
influence the world for good. We cannot be so consumed with domestic issues that we are
distracted from global ones. Such leadership, however, requires both sacrifice and
 Self-accountability: Situation of the Columbus Schools highlights the tendency of individuals to
“point fingers” when failures like those of the school district occur. Never was there a
discussion of self-accountability for family life and the personal responsibility for one’s own
conduct. We must begin to accept responsibility for the circumstances of our own lives.
 Conviction: Every young Republican should heed these words: “We know what we believe in!”
We need to question ourselves in that regard: Are we a party with convictions? Who ARE we?
What do we believe? Are we willing to stand up for what we believe? All should apply the
standard: Is this an individual with convictions?
He praised Governor Kasich because of what he believes as well as his ability to communicate
those values and beliefs. He suggested that all of us should:
o Be bold about what we believe
o Be willing to articulate our beliefs and defend them
In this way, we will be a Party of CONVICTION!
He concluded his remarks at 7:40PM to a very warm and appreciative audience.
Chas opened the floor for general business by asking for comments and/or ideas from attendees
on ways to execute the plan and objectives of the DRC by quoting Henry Ford: “The world is full
of good ideas. The important thing is who can execute!” He encouraged everyone to get
involved, communicate with neighbors and community about the important issues, particularly
the appointments and accomplishments of the judges.
JD encouraged contributions to the lists of email addresses to increase the communication
scope of DRC. Chas, in turned, acknowledged JD’s outstanding efforts at building community
awareness and connection.
Doug Cooper of the Union County Central Committee announced that there is still one Union
County Precinct from Dublin that does not have a Central Committee member and encouraged
eligible citizen interest in taking on the responsibility.
Stephanie Ramsey encouraged members to participate in the DRC entry in the St. Paddy’s Day
Parade and advised that details on the event would be sent to all soon.
Dennis Damon reminded everyone that the next meeting of the DRC is scheduled for March 12
at the Shades @ Muirfield with guest speaker, Sen. Jim Hughes.
Meeting was adjourned by President Chas at 7:45 PM.
Respectfully submitted: Stephanie Ramsey, Secretary
February 13, 2015