The DRC at Tier 1

The DRC at Tier 1
Good News Note from Ms. Smith
Date: 10/13
Your child behaved well today!
Keep up the good work.
To include a DRC, also known as a “good news note” at Tier 1, a method of school-home
communication should be added. As can be seen in this example, each child that is able to
achieve “good behavior” (e.g., staying on green using a behavior wheel; having 2 or fewer
classroom violations; achieving 80% appropriateness on daily behavior ratings) for that
day should receive this and be sent home. The absence of such a note home will indicate to
the parents that student was unable to meet their behavior goal for that day.
Additionally, for progress monitoring purposes a teacher could keep track of how many
good news notes go home during a two week period. If your classroom simply keeps track
of the number of classroom violations per day, this could also be apply without the
behavior wheel.