High School Workshops - Curriculum for Excellence

How Does the Schools Workshop fit with the Curriculum for Excellence?
The CHAS Schools Workshop is a 50 minute educational workshop helping young
people come to understanding of; what we do at CHAS, how we do it and how their
support can help. It is aimed primarily at high school pupils and can be adapted to suit
different ages and group sizes.
The objectives of the session are to communicate our main services and challenge any
misconceptions the pupils might have about young people with life limiting conditions.
Participants are encouraged to make their own discoveries though various activities so
that the learning experience is a liberating and engaging one.
With this in mind, the Schools Workshop meets the needs of;
Succesful Learners
Our workshop provides a liberating learning experience for students because they are
able to make their own discoveries about CHAS and young people with life limiting
conditions. Carefully structured activities allow them to make these discoveries.
Participants are encouraged to think creatively when engaging in the workshop’s
activities. They are also encouraged to think both independently and as part of a group.
All contributions are valued, making this an extremely positive learning experience.
Confident Individuals
Although this is not a drama workshop and is aimed at students of all abilities and
interests, it uses simple techniques from Theatre in Education. These techniques
encourage students to interact with one another and be confident in doing so.
The delivery of the workshop by the CHAS representative is also key in encouraging
individuals to feel confident in contributing. All opinions and contributions are valued
throughout the session with a view to creating mutual respect between the CHAS rep
and student, and also between the students themselves.
1 FR006 (v1)
Responsible Citizens
Learning about CHAS in this way can help develop students’ knowledge and
understanding of the world. The session highlights that we not only offer support for
children, but also teenagers and young adults. This is a great way to tap into the group
because of their age - naturally people learn more when they have some sort of
connection with the subject matter. This connection will encourage the students to be
aware that there are others in the world who are just like them, but perhaps not so
fortunate. The session also highlights that they can make a difference to the lives of
Effective Contributors
Team work is a central focus of the workshop as we ask the students to work together
in small groups. In addition, as the session incorporates basic drama techniques, it
encourages communication in a variety of ways. The CHAS representative also actively
seeks individual contributions from students.
2 FR006 (v1)