A Heart of Giving Week 1: Things I Love About My Church

Extravagant Generosity: A Heart of Giving
Week 1: Things I Love About My Church
As part of the churchwide study program, Extravagant Generosity: A Heart of Giving, we are
asking the congregants to complete “Heart Cards” each week. The response to Week 1:
Things I Love About My Church, are below. There is an “adult response” section followed by
the Youth responding on what they love about their youth group! Please read and enjoy!
This church is committed to community and enables congregation to do outstanding ministry. I
like the commitment, the enthusiasm, and the preacher! This church promotes Methodist very
well! (Jeff Duckworth)
I love the warm welcome I feel every time I step foot in our church. I can actually feel the love. I
think it’s amazing how our congregation is willing and able to rise up to a challenge. The Holy
Spirit is alive and stirring up our church! (Mary Curry)
My Church Friends, Singing, Praising, and Learning of God’s Word; the Prayer Shawl Ministry
(Ruth Wade)
I love the community of church; how you become part of a larger family who cares for you!
(Stephanie Rainey)
I like the fellowship and meeting other parents to share “raising children” issues with!! I like the
friendly, laid back atmosphere. (Charlotte Duckworth)
It is a 150 year old Heritage church. It is the most beautiful chuch in this area having stain glass
windows with a center stain window of Jesus praying in the garden. We have a choic, bell
choic, a grand piano and an organ. We are a passionate church family whose desire is to help
each other. Our church has two organizations – UMW and UMM, Sunday School classes, MDO
Program and Prayer Shawl Ministry and PPW. Not to mention faithful members who are always
there to encourage you with a hug. Positive words and lots of love in their hearts….members
get to serve Communion to the Pastor. (Kay Dingley)
I like the way we regularly observe Holy Communion. I like the way we observe Lent. I like the
fact at each Sunday morning worship service we recite our “statement of faith” and the Lord’s
Prayer. Even a stranger to our church would leave with a good idea of what we believe. This
church like many others has “growing pains”, just bear with us it will eventually get better or we
will simply outgrow it! (Jan Shults)
The passion in the people that desire to be the change! The time people generously give to
help others and to support the church! (Tammy Shaw)
I love the church bells, my Sunday School Friends, the relationships in the church and the family
atmosphere of my church. (Angela and John Chancellor)
I love the people that we have in my church. We have fun going out with XYZ. The stained
glass window in the Sanctuary gives me a peaceful feeling. (Patsy Payne)
I love the people, Pastor Jamie, and Kandice. I love my Sunday School class; it allows me to
grow spiritually. I believe this church is “the church” that I want to raise my family. (James
I love that we have a food pantry to help families in need. I love that our church is involved in
the community and school. I like our choir, and so much more! (Candice Loviette)
The preacher, the people, the youth, the pumpkin patch. (Brandon Duckworth)
Excellent presentation of messages by the Pastor, loving church, Scout Programs, and UMW
Pastor Jamie’s Sunday message! Always gets me to thinking of how I can become a better
Christian. Enjoy the bonding of the people I sit in the pew with.
I love the Alpha and Omega Bible Study class. I love how we make people feel welcome.
Sunday School, seeing all my friends and seeing that they are doing fine, Fifth Sunday dinners,
church services, special music, being able to workship and give thank to God for all he has
done for us. (Tina Stanley)
The most important thing is the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God is always there!
I love our Pastor and the love he has for our Lord; I love the people and the caring spirit they
show each other; Mostly I love the Spirit of the Lord that moves through His people and His
church and resides at FUMC!
I love the message God sends me through Pastor Jamie. I love the people that hear God’s
message with me. I like the location of my church. (Candice Loviette)
The Prayer Tree!
Cause they care. They put everyone first. I’ve been here for 6 years. (Melissa Hendricks)
Things I love About My Youth Group
I love this youth group because it is never boring and everyone seems to be having a good time!
I like how everyone is so close and how we can talk about anything. Also, we like to have a lot
of fun! (Keaton Shaw(
Everyone is very friendly and I never feel excluded. School usually stresses me out and youth
lets me unwind and relax. I always have a great time abnd I can’t wait till youth each week.
(Nicole G.)
I feel we are a family. (T)
We are all friends and we are all a family. (Abby King)
I enjoy the love and laughter that is within our group. We are like a bunch of hippies, full of love
and sit in a circle! (J.O.)
How we have fun with the lessons!
It’s Entertaining!
It’s fun! We get to laugh. We have food! It is Awesome! (Zachary)
I always have fun in youth. (Brea)
That we all love each other everytime we see each other!
I love that we can be ourselves around each other. (Julianne)
I love the family atmosphere we have. I also love how I can trust them! (Kendall)
I like Sunday School children school, I like it when we eat the cake and bread and the grape
juice. I like Glory to the Father, I like to sing, I like to sit and eat suckers and greet people!
(Lauren…Age 8)