Elementary Event Planning Guidelines

Elementary Event Planning
Suggestions and guidelines for safe and
successful classroom events
Spring 2013
Mr. Robert Rizzo, Ben Franklin Elementary
Mr. Donald Springer, East Pike Elementary
Ms. Marilyn Walther, Eisenhower Elementary
Ms. Jennifer Helm, Horace Mann Elementary
Parents who would like to volunteer for classroom events need to have
the following clearances on file at the school:
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check
Clearances are good for the entire duration of your child’s term in
elementary school.
More information and forms can be found at
School Conduct Guidelines
- Children not of school age should remain at home during events. Please do not volunteer for an
event if you will need to bring other children with you.
- Cell phone communication (calling or texting) is not permitted in the classroom. We understand
that emergency situations arise and request that they be handled in the hallway or office.
- Please address all adults as “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, or “Ms.” in the presence of students as we strive to
foster a professional environment.
- Appropriate attire is expected of any adult within the school setting. Please refrain from wearing
low-cut shirts, short skirts/shorts, pajama pants, etc. as this detracts from a professional
- Please use appropriate language.
- The classroom teacher is fully responsible for all students within the classroom. Please direct all
student misbehavior to him/her.
- Please be respectful and responsible at all times.
- Please follow all building safety and security procedures at all times
Party/Event Guidelines
- Parents need to coordinate with the team of classroom teachers to ensure consistency for
snacks, games, etc.
- All parties, field trips, and events will be coordinated with the classroom teachers. If an
amicable agreement cannot be reached, the principal reserves the right to cancel the event
- All volunteers for parties must provide advance notice of their involvement to the PTA
officers. We cannot accept “walk-ins” on the day of the event.
- If applicable, building use forms must be completed in a timely manner.
- Please abide by the wellness policy when considering any food and beverage items. Party
Planning Packets will be available February 1, 2013 in each building office.
- No more than 5 adult volunteers per classroom, per event.
- Please adhere to the Indiana Area School District Wellness Policy when planning for food.
*The link to this information is in the resource section of this packet. You can also get a copy of the policy from your
elementary building office.
- Please use alternatives to food, when possible, to celebrate.
- Please be aware of the multitude of food allergies and sensitivities. Consulting with the
homeroom teacher on food choices is the best way to avoid any concerns.
- A maximum of 5 adult volunteers are permitted per classroom, per event.
- All building safety and security procedures are complied with at all times.
- Only designated parent volunteers should be bringing items into the school.
Please access the following resources for food and activity planning suggestions for any activity or
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