August 2014 - Cornell School District

The new school year is upon us and the teachers have been busy getting ready for the students to
arrive! While we are embarking on a new year, it’s a great time to review how last year turned out.
Academically, the elementary school once again received a School of Recognition Award from the DPI.
On the state report card, the elementary “Exceeded Expectations” while the middle school and high
school “Met Expectations.” The report card is based on standardized test scores which is part of the
reason why we take the tests so seriously.
Financially, the district started the year under-levying by $151,382 and ended with a $159,081.27
surplus which built the general operations fund balance to $2,038,264.23. In addition to this, a new
fund was developed by the legislature allowing districts to save money for future capital improvements
without adding it to the fun balance and losing state aid on the money the year it is saved. The new
fund, Fund 46 was implemented by the district and $600,000 was transferred into the account to
ensuring there is money if needed for urgent building repairs.
The buildings of the district are in good shape. This past summer two sections of roof were replaced at
the middle/high school, a sidewalk was installed along 7th street and the city widened 7th street to make
it safer for loading middle/high school students on the bus at the end of each day. The maintenance
crew does a great job caring for the facilities of the district.
The Cornell School District is looking forward to another great year. While there are a lot of new
initiatives and work to do, together with the support of parents and the community, we can accomplish
them and provide an excellent education to the students of the district.