WS * Element, Compound, Mixture

Activity – Modeling Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
The following can describe: Elements as a class of substances composed of a single kind of atom,
Compounds as two or more different elements chemically combined, and Mixtures as two or more
different elements and/or compounds physically combined.
Use the bag of wooden balls and sticks to develop both definitions and models for element,
compounds and mixtures. Do this with your fellow students at your table, but make sure that you
put the definitions into your own words so they make sense to you. Colored pencils have been
provided to give to help you draw your models
To correctly be able to describe and define element, compound and mixture with the provided
modeling kits, you have to decide what the balls and sticks will represent.
For this activity the balls will represent __________ & the sticks will represent ____________.
The different types of atoms will be different _________________.
Definition of Element
Definition of Compound
Definition of Mixture
Model of Element
Model of Compound
Model of Mixture
WS – Element, Compound, Mixture
Complete the Venn Diagram below with the bank of terms given:
 Example is Sugar (C6H12O6)
 Example is Gold (Au)
 Example is Oxygen (O2)
 Example is Water (H2O)
 Example is Salt (NaCl)
 Example is Air (N2 + O2)
 Example is Salt Water (NaCl + H2O)
 Composed of atoms
 Made of only one type of atom
 May contain more than one type of atom
 Can be described as a pure substance
 Cannot be represented by a single chemical formula / made of more than one substance which
are not chemically bonded together
 Made of more than one substance and the substances maintain their chemical properties even
when combined
 Can be separated into simpler part/substances / types of atoms without a chemical reaction