Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Hazard Symbols
Changes of state
1. There are three states of matter –
solids, liquids and gases
2. When a substance changes state, the
particles gain or lose energy
3. Melting – solid into liquid (gain)
4. Freezing – liquid into solid (lose)
5. Boiling – liquid into gas (gain)
6. Condensing – gas into liquid (lose)
Changes of State - Warming
Changes of State - Cooling
Element, Compound, Mixture
1. An element is a substance which
contains only one type of atom
2. A compound is a substance in which
two or more atoms are chemically
joined together
3. A mixture contains two or more
elements or compounds that are not
chemically joined together.
Element, Compound, Mixture
Separation Techniques
1. The substances in mixtures can be
separated physically; compounds
cannot be broken down physically
Separating Sand and Salt