Compound Notes Define these words: Compound ____________________________________________________________

Compound Notes
Define these words:
Compound ____________________________________________________________
Mixture ____________________________________________________________
Subscript _________________________________________________________
Use your book, pages 225 - 229
1 Are the properties of a compound similar to or different from the properties of the
elements that make it up?
2. What is a chemical formula?
3. What is the formula for salt? _______________________________
4. How many hydrogen atoms are in water? _________________________
5. If there is no number written below an element’s symbol, then there is _______ atom
of that element.
6. List the elements in battery acid. ______________________________________
7. What are 3 examples of mixtures? _______________________________________
NOT IN THE BOOK 8. Why do mixtures not have a chemical formula?
9. If hydrogen and oxygen are both invisible gases, why do they form a liquid (water)
when they combine?
Cut out the facts from the half sheet of paper. Use the notes from the front of this paper
or look back in the book to glue each fact in the correct box – compound or mixture.