Site Council Minutes 10-24-13
Members present: Duncan Parks (2nd year), Naomi Hand (1st year), Jill Ireland (2nd
year), Collette Livermore (1st year), Sarah Jones, Heather Hull
Members absent: Kathy Tabor, Lisa Perkins, Julie Wood
2. Previous scope of work:
- approved SIP
- reactionary (kitchen or other items that came up)
- survey
3. Scope of work for this year:
- work with others to create an academic vision for Abernethy and a
schoolwide vision.
- create a survey which allows for more budgetary flexibility
- Heather will ask Tammy about who did visioning work in the past
4. Survey thoughts…
- look at some different surveys (title 1, family engagement, on line)
- look at some different focus option schools
- basics versus extras
- which parts of programs are a priority (ie food tasting in garden or science
- teasing out differences between kitchen and garden program
5. Site Council will meet on the 4th Thursday of each month from 3:15-4:45.