Science 5 open note test

Science 5.1 & 5.2 Test
NAME: _____________________
DIRECTIONS: Use your notes. Choose the BEST answer to the following questions. When you
are finished you may read a book or draw. YOU MAY NOT TALK.
1. Which unit would be used to measure the distance from Richmond to Lawrenceville?
a) Mile
b) Kilometer
c) Centimeter
d) Liter
2. The one thing that you change in an experiment is called the…
a) Dependent variable
b) Control
c) Independent variable
d) Item
3. Sound is caused by…
a. Particles
b. Noise
c. Vibration
d. Waves
4. The first step in the Scientific Method is …
a. Research
b. Conduct experiment
c. Collect data
d. Ask the question
5. The distance between light and sound wave peaks and troughs is called..
a. Wavelength
b. Frequency
c. Amplitude
d. Intensity
6. Scientists use the _______ system of measurement.
a. English
b. French
c. Canadian
d. Metric
7. The measure the volume of an object, you would use…..
a. kilograms
b. liters
c. gallons
d. millimeters
8. Human beings are part of the __ kingdom.
a. Plant
b. Fungi
c. Animal
d. Protist
9. Light is a form of….
a. energy
b. photons
c. waves
d. particles
10. A living thing is also called…
a. it
b. alive
c. biotic
d. abiotic
11. To measure the mass of an object, scientists use what tool?
a. thermometer
b. balance scale
c. graduated cylinder
d. meter stick
12. When conducting an experiment, the one thing you do NOT change is called…
a. control
b. variable
c. dependent variable
d. independent variable
13. A rock is….
a. igneous
b. abiotic
c. metamorphic
d. sedimentary
14. The volume of a sound is it’s….
a. frequency
b. wavelength
c. amplitude
d. compression
15. Carl had a bag of M & Ms. There were 5 colors. Carl wanted to put each color in it’s own
pile. Carl was using….
a. ordering
b. classification
c. compiling
d. research
16. Heather was not feeling well. The previous day, Heather had played outside in the rain.
We may infer that…
a. Heather has unhealthy habits
b. Heather got sick
c. Heather caught a cold because of the rain
d. Heather was unlucky
17. Light comes from….
a. particles
b. photons
c. lamps
d. waves
18. The tool used to measure time is called a….
a. thermometer
b. chronometer
c. balance scale
d. anemometer
19. All energy comes from the….
a. Earth
b. Sun
c. Stars
d. Moon
20. An animal has fur, four legs, warm blood and eats grass. This animal belongs to what
a. Arthropods
b. Reptiles
c. Amphibians
d. Mammals
BONUS: You are driving a bus. At the first stop you let 5 students on and four get off. At the
second stop you let 6 students on and none get off. At the third stop you let 3 students get on
and one gets off. At the final stop you allow 7 students on and four get off. When you arrive at
the school all students get off and none get back on. What color are the bus driver’s eyes?