Reducing Underlying Risk Factors India

Reducing Underlying Risk Factors
A woman
harvesting some
vegetables from
her garden
A basketful of nutrients in Bihar (DC)
Kitchen gardening is one of the training programs organized by DC in village Dhaneyla West of
Darbhanga district in Bihar. With the help of agriculturists, DC trained selected community
members to grow their own vegetables on small plots of land. All techniques of vegetable
cultivation were covered, including soil preparation, seed selection, application of manure, pest
control and harvesting methods. High quality seeds of seasonal vegetables were provided for the
Kitchen gardening has become a lucrative activity for Mojebul’s family and others in the
community. The rich yield from his garden has surpassed his expectations. Now every meal has
vegetable content, an unheard of luxury, and the excess is sold in the market thus contributing to
the family income.
Mojebul is full of praise for the efforts put in by DC. “The training, encouragement and high
quality seed have enabled us to meet not only our financial needs but has also contributed to our
health and well being”.