Problem Statement 1

Problem Statement #1 Checklist
Please answer/complete the following regarding your design project:
Name: Nina Briggs
Address: 1234 Happy Lane
Project: Happy Lane Residential Renovation
What are the physical needs on this project? (example: size, configuration, style, and function no longer works for the
a. I need a larger office, and a small space to hide; my husband needs a “man cave”, a potting shed, and a
cabinetry workshop; we want a master bedroom suite; our daughter needs are much larger bedroom, with
private access to her bathroom and the garden; my mother needs her own guest house surrounded by flowers;
we need a larger kitchen and dining room; we’d love a mud room between the garage and the kitchen; and a 3car garage.
Why do you have these physical needs? (example, need more space for growing family, kitchen is outdated and too small,
disabled spouse returning from war, etc)
a. My 78-year-old mother is moving in with me, my husband and our 14-year-old daughter. We want her close, but
we all need our respective privacy and personal spaces.
What are the social needs on this project (example: would like a large space for entertainment)
a. We like to eat breakfast and dinner together, but none of us watch the same television shows, or like the same
music. Noise is a problem. We barbeque a lot on weekends with friends.
Why do you have physical needs (example: early age teens, would like them to hang out at home with friends rather than
go to friend’s homes so like the idea of a large social area for teens that will be functional for us when children leave for
a. Our daughter has friends over a lot. She needs a bedroom and bathroom that gives her and her friends the
privacy and space for sleepovers, loud music, and access to the garden. However, when she leaves for college in
4 years, what do we do with this big suite?
What are your psychological needs: (example: design comfortable, calm and soothing spaces)
a. We all need quiet time away from each other, to read, study, think and nap. I need uninterrupted time and
space for my office, yet with visual access to the kitchen and garden (so I can see nature and keep an eye out for
the dog and my daughter (who hangs out on the patio a lot.) My mother will probably come into the main house
for family meals, although she’ll need her own small kitchen to prepare simple meals. She’ll most likely spend
most of her time in her own space. My husband is never home during the day, but needs to chill in his man cave
for a while upon returning home before he’s ready to deal with all the women. He also likes to build furniture
and garden on the weekends. So he’ll probably need a potting shed and cabinetry studio. My daughter and I are
in and out of the house at all times of the day: working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, exercising, etc. She and I
multi-task a lot, so my work and her homework cannot be done too far from the kitchen and laundry room. We
all require a lot of natural light (except for my husband who likes to hibernate), fresh air (cross ventilation), and
views to the garden. Our style is Mid-Century-Modern-Eclectic-Vintage-Bohemian, with wood floors, white
walls; storage for 20,000 books, and lots of paintings. We hate window coverings, but love privacy for not being
completely clothed. Our dog needs to go in and out of the house at her leisure, but we don’t like open doors
because skunks, squirrels, lizards, birds and deer come in.
Why do you have psychological needs: (hard and fast paced career that demands a calm atmosphere when I am at home)
a. All must be simple, easy to clean, no traditional architecture, all modern and airy.
What are your economic needs: (example: 250K max)
a. We are independently wealthy and have money to burn.
Why are there economic needs: (example: Do not want to spend more than this for the entire renovation because we do
not want to over build for the location)
a. Our neighborhood has estates and huge properties. It’s impossible to overbuild here.