How to Study/Grammar Syllabus

Course Syllabus 2015-2016
Course Name: How to Study and Grammar
Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Jeannette Banks
Room : 226, 6th Period B Days
Planning Period: 7th
Work Phone: (314) 776-6040, Ext: 46226,
Course Description: Studying is only a part of getting good results on your exam. No matter
how hard you study as a student if you don't know how to go about taking a test, whether
multiple choice or essay, you won't score the highest possible mark. Understanding how to
communicate verbally and in written form is also important for success. This course will show
you how to use correct grammar, and study. This includes: paying attention during class, taking
good notes, studying, completing homework assignments and reviewing study materials on a
regular basis.
Texts, Books, Readings, Materials: Glencoe, Literature. Textbooks and supplemental readings
will be provided for each student to use in class or to take home, as specified by the instructor.
Documentation of Work: Students will maintain a folder in the classroom. The folder will
contain but, not limited to the following items: do now assignments, journal entries, test quizzes,
essays, notebook assignments, and formal/ informal writings. The folders should not be removed
from the class. Folder check will be at the discretion of the instructor.
Time in class is essential. If you’re not there, you can’t learn. Unless you are extremely sick, you
should never miss class. You should also never be tardy. A good student: comes before the bell
rings with all materials ready, brings a note in advance if he/she will be absent, and is never
Participation: A good student: asks questions, comments respectfully on other student work,
always completes in-class tasks with a good attitude.
We will have homework at least once a week. Late assignments will only receive half credit. A
good student: turns in every homework assignment, on time, comes to the teacher before the due
date with any questions.
Students will not be allowed to go to the bathroom during class unless you have a note on file, in
the Nurse’s office. You may go in the passing period.
Academic Honesty
As this course is designed to prepare you for life after high school, I expect that all of my
students are honorable in this and all of their classes. Dishonorable and dishonest behavior will
not be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.
Class work/Participation
*Teacher assessment will include additional formative and summative assessments – such as
quizzes, tests, and performance tasks.
59 or Below
We have read the course description, and agree to abide by the classroom expectations and
procedures as well as attendance and grading policy for this class.