Page D27 Think and Write #1-5 Where are earthquakes more likely

Page D27 Think and Write #1-5
1. Where are earthquakes more likely to happen? Explain.
At plate boundaries, where the rocks of Earth’s plates are pulling apart, crushing together, or
grinding past each other.
2. “An earthquake starts at the epicenter.” Is this statement true or false? Explain your
answer. Include what causes earthquakes.
False; earthquakes start at the focus where opposing rocks on a fault move and release
3. Why is it useful to record seismic waves with a seismograph?
To pinpoint the earthquake’s epicenter and to measure an earthquake’s magnitude.
4. How are the different scales used to measure earthquakes alike? How are they
Both the Richter and the Mercalli scales measure the magnitude of an earthquake. The
Richter scale measures the energy produced by an earthquake. The Mercalli scale measures
the actual damage at a given location.
5. Critical Thinking. Why might waves from the same earthquake cause more damage in
one area than another?
Often there is more damage closer to the epicenter; different ground materials react differently
to an earthquake; and building materials used vary from area to area.