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Chapter 2: The Earth in Space
Chapter 6: Earthquakes
Earth Science
10 pts
Section 6.1: Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
(p. 99-102)
Multiple choice: Choose the one best response. Write the letter of that choice in the space provided.
_____ 1. The place where slippage first occurs is called an earthquake’s ___.
a. focus
b. epicenter
c. magnitude
d. intensity
_____ 2. Which type of earthquake usually occurs farther inland than other earthquakes?
a. shallow-focus
b. intermediate-focus
c. deep-focus
d. microquakes
_____ 3. In earthquakes that cause the greatest damage, at what depth would slippage most likely
a. Within 70 km of the surface
c. 250-350 km from the surface
b. 100-200 km of the surface
d. More than 350 km from the surface
Complete each statement by writing the correct term or phrase in the space provided.
4. When rocks fracture and slip into new positions along a fault, energy is released in the form of
__________________________________________ (2 words).
5. Small tremors following an earthquake are called _________________________________.
Use the figure to the right for questions #6 and #7.
Letter B shows a fault line within the Earth.
6. The point that indicates the epicenter of the
earthquake is letter ______ on the figure.
7. The point that indicates the focus of the
earthquake is letter ______ on the figure.
8. The 3 major Earthquake zones include:
a. ______________________________________________________
b. ______________________________________________________
c. ______________________________________________________