Class Guidelines

Mr. Wisniewski Room 207 Classroom Guidelines
Classroom Standards:
 Be Respectful
 Be Responsible
 Be Safe
The attendance policy for this class will follow school
guidelines found in your handbook. Many aspects of this
course are impossible to reproduce if you are not in class. As
for tardiness, just get here on time.
Classroom Etiquette:
-Be respectful to yourself, your teacher, and your classmates
-Stay seated at all times unless given permission
-When the bell rings you should be seated
-All school rules as outlined in the student handbook should
be followed
-For any infraction of rules in the handbook the outlined
procedure will be followed
-Other items may be dealt with in a variety of ways that include
but is not limited to parent calls home, classroom detentions,
extra assignments, or referrals to the administration
Conclusion: Common sense should be used at all times.
Additional rules may and will come up which you must also
follow. If there are any questions please ask.