Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn,
The ultimate goal, for which we all yearn.
Respect is something that is given for free,
It is about all of US together, not just ME.
To be respectful you must, be honest and true,
A ray of sunshine when you are feeling blue.
So be respectful to anyone – plant that seed,
In the deepest forest, or a garden in need.
And always remember to make amends,
To your brother and sister, and closest friends.
It builds character and defines who we are,
Respect sets the standard and raises the bar.
It’s another opinion, passion, or dream,
Different than yours or so it would seem.
You may not agree, but it’s not your call,
It’s respect for the person high above all.
Respect is our bond, our common glue,
The soil of society from which we all grew.
For respect breeds kinship, and one love,
And lifts us to heaven on the wings of a dove.
So remember the message when you leave here today,
RESPECT is the light that will shine your way.
And always be reaching for it – on life’s top shelf,
Respect for others, and respect for yourself.