Model letter for adding clinical sites during the accreditation cycle

Model letter for adding a new clinical site
throughout the accreditation cycle
[Name of institution-didactic]
[Contact information]
To whom it may concern:
New clinical site
We wish to add [name of clinical site] as a clinical site for [name of program].
With this letter, I confirm the following:
I have read critical criterion 4.1 as well as the program outcomes outlined in the
2014 Requirements for accreditation handbook.
I have read the relevant section of the Program assessment procedures (section
The agreement between the program and [name of clinical site] contains all of
the required elements outlined under critical criterion 4.1 in the 2014
Requirements for accreditation handbook.
The new site has met the criteria used by the program to select clinical/practicum
sites, namely:
o [list selection criteria]
Through the selection of this clinical partner, the program continues to be in
compliance with requirement 3 of the Requirements for accreditation and
continues to meet criteria 3.1 (personnel with the relevant qualifications), 3.2
(personnel with the appropriate and current training), and 3.5 (appropriate and
equitable clinical learning opportunities).