English/Language Arts Classroom Handout

English/Language Arts Class Guidelines
Dear Parent,
Please read this classroom policy and procedure handout with your student. It includes
information for the 2014-15 school year.
1. Classroom management: My classroom management plan is in accordance with
the Aquilla ISD Student Handbook in regard to the following: student conduct, cell
phones/electronic devices, inappropriate uses of technology, dress and grooming,
tardiness and absences. Please refer to the Student Handbook for specific information.
2. Required supply list:
Spiral notebook
Plastic folder-color specific…8th grade red, 7th grade yellow, 6th grade blue
Blue/black pens only
Red pen
3. Grading policy: The students will be given a grade for daily work, assignments,
projects, quizzes, and tests. Students must have all homework turned in and make-up
tests taken within the “window of opportunity” specified by the teacher. (Please
refer to student handbook.)
4. Tutorials: Monday-Thursday 7:55-8:20
5. Contact: You can contact me ([email protected]) or call the school (6943770) if you have any questions about your child’s progress of to set up a conference
with me.
I am looking forward to a great year! Please sign and return this copy to me, keep the
other copy for your records.
Thank you,
Betty Cox
JH ELAR Teacher
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